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CE Day 2022 Downloads

In order to receive your CE Day 2022 Certificates, please complete the surveys at these links by November 14, 2022:


Morning Sessions (Intervention Sharing) 

Afternoon Session (Intersectionality & Queer Communities)


Thank you once again for your continued commitment to excellence in the field of music therapy, for your amazing work throughout the province, and for your support of the MTAA! Wishing you a healthy fall season filled with moments of peace and of delight.


As always, please reach out to at any time with questions or concerns.

Clinical Improvisation

Marc Houde


Mental Health

Early Childhood

Andrew Ichikawa


Little Wheel (pdf)

Long-Term Care

Miya Adout


School-Aged Children

Intersectionality & Queer Communities

GIM Info

Elle McAndrews

Handout (docx)

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