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If you are seeking music therapy services or professional consultation about how you or your organization can benefit from music therapy services - you may either contact a certified music therapist (MTA) listed in our directories, or fill out the following form and the MTAA will connect you with a music therapist in your region!

If you are seeking music therapy services online, please indicate your location, and specify 'Online' under 'Additional Comments'.

Please also see our general rates below.

If you have not heard back from a therapist within two (2) weeks, please email directly.

Contact a Music Therapist

This list consists of Certified Music Therapists (MTA) who have elected to be on the directory


Please note, this list does not include all Certified Music Therapists in Alberta and the Association is not responsible for recommending any music therapists on this list.

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Contact Information

Location of Service

Frequency & Duration of Sessions

Music therapy sessions are typically offered on a weekly basis but may be provided more or less frequently depending on setting and client needs.

Session length may vary depending on the setting and needs of the individual or group. Sessions often range from 30 minutes to 1 hour in length but may be longer.

Information on Private Practice Certified Music Therapist (MTA) Rates

Certified music therapists working on a contract basis or in private practice set their own rates.


A 2021 survey of Certified Music Therapists (MTAs) working in private practice in Alberta found that rates typically ranged from $75-$135 per billable hour, with an average of $85 per billable hour. 

The variance in this range is due to a number of factors including, but not limited to:

  • Experience and education 

  • Number of service hours at one site or for one contract/organization

  • Virtual vs. in-person services

  • Unique administrative requirements of specific sites or organizations (e.g., letters, progress reports, etc.) 

  • Group sessions vs. individual sessions

  • Additional GST as per Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) rules 

  • The unique needs and situation of the client/organization, as negotiated between the client/employer and the MTA. 

Billable music therapy services may include:

  • Direct client contact music therapy services

  • Creation/preparation of session-related materials (e.g., audio recordings, props, etc.) 

  • Documentation including assessment, session notes, charting, evaluations 

  • Travel time/mileage, as negotiated between the client/employer and the MTA

  • Meetings/consultations

  • Presentations/in-services

  • Internship and/or peer supervision

  • Sessions cancelled with less than 24 hours notice 

  • Sessions cancelled for extended periods due to unforeseen circumstances (e.g., flu outbreaks, facility visitor restrictions, etc.) 

  • Other services as outlined by the certified music therapist (MTA). 


* Please note: the fees/information listed above are not applicable to certified music therapists (MTAs) who work under a unionized collective agreement and who are compensated according to their union’s wage and benefit grid.*

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