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In Alberta, certified music therapists (MTAs) will be regulated by the College of Counselling Therapy of Alberta (CCTA), a health regulatory College established by the Alberta government under the Mental Health Services Protection Act. Upon Proclamation of the College, MTAs in Alberta will be members of the College under the protected title “Counselling Therapist” and will be legally mandated to adhere to the College’s Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics. 


The Association of Counselling Therapy of Alberta (ACTA) is the precursor organization to the College of Counselling Therapy of Alberta. Upon Proclamation, ACTA will become the CCTA. The exact date of Proclamation is not yet known.

If you are a practicing Certified Music Therapist in Alberta and a member in good standing of MTAA and CAMT, you can now apply to the upcoming College of Counselling Therapy of Alberta (CCTA) through the Intermediate Route. This route of entry into the College will be open for two years after the Proclamation of the College.


Questions? Click here for more information on regulation and the role and purpose of ACTA and the CCTA.


You can also get in touch with an ACTA Regulation Representative through the email form below.

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