The Canadian Association of Music Therapists’s Code of Ethics is a statement of ethical principles, values, and standards to guide all CAMT members in their everyday conduct and in the resolution of ethical dilemmas.

The Canadian Association of Music Therapists (CAMT) recognizes that the purpose of the profession is to promote the use of music to accomplish therapeutic objectives, and the development of training, education, and research in music therapy. In doing so, the CAMT advocates adherence to the principles of Respect for the Dignity and Rights of Persons, Responsible Practice, Integrity in Relationships, Extended Responsibility, and Responsible Leadership. Membership in the CAMT commits members to abide by the CAMT Code of Ethics. (From The Introduction to the CAMT Code of Ethics)

Active voting members of MTAA have agreed to abide by the CAMT Code of Ethics.

Canadian Association for Music Therapists – Code of Ethics

How to File a Formal Ethics Complaint

Guide for Ethics Complaints

Alleged Violations of the CAMT Code of Ethics